7 November 2012

Ikea is 25

So where have I been for the past 25 days? I have been at Ikea in Croydon helping them celebrate their 25th year in the UK in style! A small team and myself were responsible for designing and running a series of workshops which focused on customising plain Ikea products, to make them exciting, colourful and personalised! Over the days we saw lanterns decorated with armies of robots, cat hats with manic hairstyles and christmas boxes disguised as hazardous nuclear waste containers!

It was a fantastic experience and a pleasure to work with such a lovely team and such creative, inspirational children. Also a huge thanks to the Ikea staff who helped us out during the 25 days, and I apologise as I am sure you will be finding colourful crowns and masks in all sorts of places over the next 25 days!

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