26 January 2013

New Graduate Award - Update 1

This year I will be undertaking the 'New Graduate Award' at londonprintstudio, and this is the first post about what I have been getting up to! My printing will begin in March and so at the moment I am working through ideas and themes for prints...

At first I was thinking animals, and designing prints that really give me a chance to explore the texture of various print techniques. I am keen on using my time at the studio to look into combining different print methods; and furs, scales and spines seem the perfect way of doing so! 

My thinking then evolved (or devolved) into looking at dinosaurs, as this is something I haven't tackled yet. After talks with londonprintstudio I decided that the main focus during my time would be on stone lithography, and I am really excited about this as I am sure it will give me a really good chance to experiment with textures and gestural drawings.

Above are some dinosaur lithos already in existence! I want to really freshen up the way they are portrayed with litho, using bold shapes and colours and working into the prints with further techniques to highlight detail and add brighter colours. 

 I've been testing out some character ideas in my sketchbook, and I'm trying to keep it quite simple as lithography can be quite a tricky process! Next week I have an appointment with the Print Rooms at the Tate Britain, where I will be looking at a vast range of lithographs.... can't wait! 


  1. I absolutely adore dinosaurs so i'm really excited to see the final outcome! Loving your dinosaurs :)

  2. Thanks Emma! I'm looking forward to getting in the print room!

  3. It's quite alright! I bet you are! Print rooms are so exciting! Hope to see lots of progress photos :)

  4. Ha, your Poetry Scores piece for Embirikos fed into this ... !

  5. I think that is where the obsession started yes!! Gone a bit dino crazy!