3 March 2013

New Graduate Award - Stone Lithography

Last week I took the 2 day stone lithography course at londonprintstudio. I chose to do this course as part of the New Graduate Award, because I knew relatively little about the process, but I was intrigued by the vast range of marks I have seen used in lithographs. A visit to the Tate Britain's Prints and Drawings Rooms was really helpful in understanding what can be achieved with litho, and I really recommend booking a visit if there are particular prints you are keen to see - it's fantastic!

Above are the groups first lithographs using crayons and pencils on the stone. I was surprised by how easy the stone was to draw on - thanks to whoever grained the stone before us! On the next stone we experimented with the variety of marks that could be made using tusche, which paints on as an ink would.

Below are the results of printing my first lithographs! The two crayon drawings came out especially well, and although the tonal range on the tusche print wasn't as good as the drawing, there are still some really interesting marks. I loved working directly onto the stone and it is definitely a process I want to use. It seems the perfect print method for translating spontaneous, gestural drawings.

I also have some exciting news! I am thrilled to have received sponsorship from Arts Council England and GFSmith for the duration of my time on the New Graduate Award at londonprintstudio. This means I really can make the most out of this fantastic opportunity!

My project for the New Graduate Award with londonprintstudio is sponsored by:

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